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Ultimate Bundle: HSK 1-6

Over 900 videos and 74 hours of content, get access to all our HSK courses and view them anytime, anywhere. No subscription required.

Bundle: HSK 1-4

A beginners to intermediate level course bundle with over 613 videos and additional learning resources.

Bundle: HSK 5-6 + Path To Fluency

With 329 videos and over 36 hours of content, this bundle is geared towards advanced Chinese learners.


Be able to communicate the most basic ideas in Chinese.  Learn 150 Chinese words, and learn the most basic Chinese grammar. This is the "zero" level.


Be able to achieve more functions in the language.  Learn 150 more Chinese words and expand on the basic grammatical structures.


Be able to communicate more complex thoughts, both in written and verbal forms. Learn 300 more Chinese words, and the most essential grammar.


Be able to communicate the more complex ideas in Chinese.  Learn 600 more Chinese words. Becoming more expressive and understand a wider range of thoughts.


Be able to communicate more advanced ideas, start to explore different genres of literature.  Learn 1,300 additional words more difficult grammar structures.


Be able to communicate highly sophisticated ideas, understand most news media.  Learn an additional 2,500 Chinese words.  

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Phonetics with Chinese Characteristics

A course focusing on the essentials of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and important phonetics. Geared towards beginners but suitable for all levels. Learn and fix common pronunciation mistakes.

Path To Fluency

This course helps students at HSK 5 or 6 progress to actual fluency, beyond the HSK curriculum. It teaches strategies on how to discover topics of interest, and provides tips and resources on how to obtain authentic Chinese material.

Ci Shifu: Chinese Word Builder

Learning vocabulary is hard. But it's easier if you know the most common roots and patterns in words.
100 videos - learn how to build 1700 words from 100 base patterns and supercharge your vocabulary!

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Read experiences from over 80 students who took our courses and passed the HSK exams.

Michael C.

HSK 4 Official Test Score: 275/300
I'm a college teacher living in Hebei Province going on my second year living in China. While preparing to take HSK 4, I discovered Chinese Zero to Hero and was instantly hooked. I completed their entire HSK 3 and 4 courses before taking the test--which made a tremendous difference. The grammar videos are particularly helpful and insightful. I'm studying for HSK 5 now and am still regularly using Chinese Zero to Hero as a study-aid tool. You can't go wrong with these guys. Whether you're just starting or an advanced student, I 100% recommend Chinese Zero to Hero to anybody looking to improve their Mandarin.


HSK 5 Official Test Score: 250/300
Hi, It’s Noman from Pakistan. I was looking for some other language resources to supplement my studies at the university. It was when I came across CZH YouTube Channel. I found these free preview video unique and extremely useful. So, I decided to buy the whole bundle HSK 1-6. CZH repeatedly emphasis on going beyond the limits of HSK standard course. The resources that CZH shares about listening and reading really helped me to prepare for HSK5 Exam. Since clearing HSK5 exam, I’m working on HSK6 now. Also I would like to mention the new course “Path to Fluency”, the tips and resources available in that course, meticulously gathered by the team, can not be found anywhere else.

Kasper J.

HSK 3 Official Test Score: 296/300
I am from Poland. I have started learning Chinese 6 months before taking HSK3. My main purpose was to pass the exam and be admitted to the scholarship in China. At that time I lived in London and I couldn't afford to have a teacher of Chinese. Luckily I have found ChineseZerotoHero on Youtube. With their help and a lot of self-determination I have managed to ace HSK3, got almost 100%. The online course was extremely thorough and helpful, combining that and the HSK book works just as great as hiring a teacher. Thanks to this I was awarded a scholarship in China and now I live and study in Chongqing.

What makes our courses different?

A question commonly posed is, why do you have one of the best-selling HSK courses on the web? The answers lie in the instructional philosophy behind our courses. This page outlines some of the important differences between our courses and other learning products commonly found on the web.

First of all, our courses aim to form a complete suit with progressive and interconnecting units. Rather than littering the collection with disjointed one-shot lessons, our material forms a complete whole – a series of step-by-step video-based instructional units that take a beginner beyond the highest level, progressing from HSK level 1 all the way through HSK level 6 and beyond. Such an integrated approach reassures the students that once they sign up with us they will be shown a clear path to success, thus saving them considerable amount of time and uncertainty.

Granted, to be successful in acquiring Chinese as a second language, a learners need much more than a set of courses. They must be willing to make use of a variety of resources and expose themselves to large amounts of the target language through reading and listening.Nevertheless, our courses can form the backbone of their learning, providing the structure students can base their learning on.  Learners will find unparalleled success if they take our courses in conjunction with the vast array of learning options out there.

Second, our courses put the spotlight on what many students struggle with – grammar. Without proper knowledge of grammar, learners cannot accurately understand what they read or hear. In this regard, dictionaries are not particularly helpful because they do not explain sentence formation, at least not in a way that is clear to students at varying levels. Learning sentence formation is especially critical at the beginning stages where learners are utterly oblivious of even the most basic sentence patterns. As a result, many learners often resort to “guessing” by applying English grammar to Chinese sentences and misconstrue their meaning. Therefore, to learn Chinese effectively, grammar instruction cannot be overlooked.

Some resist the idea of explicitly learning grammar in favor of a more natural, input-based approach. We agree to this assertion to some extent because the nuances of Chinese grammar simply cannot be taught with explicit instruction alone. Nevertheless, input is only meaningful if they are understood. If learners are never taught grammar, how can they possibly understand sentences correctly? It is obvious, therefore, that some grammar must be made familiar to the students, especially at the beginning stages. Our grammar instruction strives to be simple and clear with ample examples so that the learners can form sentences correctly without being unduly concerned with jargons and terms.

In short, curricular completeness and clear, step-by-step grammar instruction distinguishes us from most learning products out there. We hope these courses offer a meaningful contribution to the Chinese learning community.

Achieve fluent communication and outstanding HSK results.


You learn a language so you can do things with it – to accomplish real-world tasks, or functions.  From day 1, we focus on enabling students to “do something” with what they learn, and design our lessons around that objective.  We try to steer around overuse of unecessary jargons and lengthy explanations and focus on practical applications.


Learning is hard work, but it should never be boring, so we designed our courses to be concise yet fun and engaging.  We use instruction design principles proposed by Robert M. Gagné, as well as multimedia learning guidelines by Richard E. Mayer.  The instructional designs are so successful that we have received many raving reviews from our students.

Engaging, comprehensive and structured Chinese courses at all HSK levels.


All of our courses focus on communication and function.  We strive to help students use the language by providing plenty of practice, both written and oral.  We help and encourage students to practice with a language exchange partner via sites such as iTalki.  This way students learn to use the language in real life, not just to pass tests.


All of our courses use the standardized HSK curriculum.  When you complete a course, you will be able to pass the HSK test for that level so you can measure your progress and prove your ability.  Carefully designed lessons following a well established program delivers real, measurable results. All courses follow the HSK Standard Course textbook by Jiang Liping.

We provide engaging and comprehensive video courses for serious Chinese learners at all levels, from HSK 1 to HSK 6.


We believe that the purpose of learning a language is to be able to accomplish tasks, or functions.  Following a standardized curriculum (HSK) and a practice-centered approach (with language partners), our video courses bring real learning results that equip students in the real Chinese-speaking world.


Ken Dai, co-founder
Location: Vancouver Canada
Email: ken@chinesezerotohero.com



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