As many of you know, Chinese people don’t have access to most western social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, etc. So they have their own versions of these platforms.

Aside from reading Chinese books and literature, another great way to improve comprehension is involving yourself with social media. Especially If you’re at a higher level of Chinese, we encourage you to start getting involved with the Chinese web. That means joining and interacting with different social media sites.

It’s a great way of accessing relaxed, natural conversational Chinese in written form. At the same time, get to know more about the Chinese culture, current events and more. You’ll get to know what 1.3 billion people are up to!

Here are some of my recommendations for Chinese social media platforms.

Social media sites mentioned in the video:

#1 Zhihu 知乎

#2 Bilibili 哔哩哔哩 (+Youku and iQiyi)

#3 Douban 豆瓣

#4 Hupu 虎扑

#5 Weibo 微博

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Honorable mentions:

#1 Douyin 抖音

#2 Baidu Tieba 百度贴吧


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